Infidelity Support Group

Your Infidelity Support Group Online! is a completely FREE & PRIVATE Infidelity Support Group online! We are a supportive community who have come together with common issues to support one another and share information. This Infidelity Support Group offers support, information, and resources to help you survive the pain caused by infidelity. We are here for EVERYBODY; Married, Single, Divorced, Separated, Gay and Straight. Those that were cheated on, and those that did the cheating, feel bad, and are looking for help. We are also here for everybody who needs advice in supporting a loved one dealing with infidelity. We are all in this together!


What We Do

Cheating helps individuals and couples by offering a supportive community, and information, that will help guide you through the confusing roller coaster of emotions.
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CheatingSupport_icon2Therapy and
Private Investigation Services

All our professionals are very skilled in helping individuals and couples navigate the many confusing issues brought on from infidelity.
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CheatingSupport_icon3About Infidelity

Infidelity is a social phenomenon of alarmingly high rates that is shattering relationships, marriages and families! We are here to combat that!
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